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Lately, there is a buzz around men using various supplements like IntenseX Performance Enhancer that can combat sexual issues.

Although, the official website of this supplement gives a brief knowledge about its ingredients and benefits; one should be a bit suspicious while trying any product that is only available online.

In this article, we will look inside the product, its ingredients, and benefits. Also, the promises the makers of this supplement makes while declaring it as a side-effect free product.

This detailed review has almost all the key points that should be noted and considered. Although there are few reports of its immediate results, there are also no complaints with side-effects.

What Are IntenseX Pills?

According to the official website, IntenseX is a male enhancement pill that can help boost sexual health. It does so by improving hormonal levels and sexual performance.

Further, it claims to use the proprietary formula that has 100% natural ingredients. These organic components can help stimulate testosterone and nitric oxide production.

One of the best thing about this pill is that there are no reported side effects.

How Does IntenseX Performance Enhancer Work?

This performance enhancement pill is designed to work in two ways:
  • By boosting testosterone synthesis
  • By increasing nitric oxide production

Increase in testosterone is needed to counter the natural decline in levels after puberty. This natural decline is an average 2-3% per year.

When there is a rise in testosterone levels, it helps improve the masculine attributes of a man.

These attributes might include improved erection, semen quality, sexual stamina, and libido.

Hence, a boost in testosterone production can lead to improved sexual performance and drive.

Secondly, an increase in nitric oxide synthesis improves blood flow. Nitric oxide is present in the body in sufficient amounts to promote blood circulation and supply.

Thus, the higher levels of nitrogen in the body cause the blood vessels to dilate and blood flow to rise. This causes more blood to be stored in the penile chambers, increasing erection size and hardness.

Hence, a boost in nitric oxide levels can provide you with harder and longer lasting erections.

IntenseX Benefits

IntenseX Benefits:

  • Improves Semen Health
  • Gives Intense Orgasms
  • Improves Stamina In Bed
  • Heightened Sex Drive
  • Improved Endurance And Energy Levels
  • Penis Size Extension Over Time
  • Better Sex
  • Counters Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Improves Erection Hardness And Duration

Ingredients Of IntenseX Pills:

  • Korean Ginseng (50:1 Extract)
    Studies have found that Korean Ginseng is capable of improving sexual health and combat sexual problems like erectile dysfunctions. It’s also a potent aphrodisiac that enhances sexual pleasure and sex drive in men and women.
  • Ginkgo Biloba (50:1 Extract)
    Ginkgo Biloba is an herbal extract that has been proven to boost nitric oxide production. This boost in nitric oxide levels allows you to experience improved sexual performance and a heightened sex drive.
  • Maca Root (10:1 Extract)
    Researchers have found that Maca can boost sex drive for men and women. This natural ingredient can also improve physical health through its ability to enhance testosterone and nitric oxide levels. And in men, it is also capable of supporting prostate health.
  • Fenugreek (6:1 Extract)
    Studies have proven that Fenugreek extract can improve testosterone levels in men. This ingredient is also capable of improving overall health with its nutrient-concentrated extract.
  • Asparagus Root (4:1 Extract)
    Asparagus is a traditional sexual health herb that has helped men increase their testosterone levels. This claim has been verified by studies conducted. This ingredient stimulates the pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormones which acts to improve testosterone production.

IntenseX Ingredients

How Much Does IntenseX Cost?

If you are in the UK and considering this supplement for spicing up your sex life, you’re in luck.

In the UK, you can order IntenseX Performance Enhancer directly from the manufacturers.

Even better, you can get this product with its online exclusive Risk-Free Trial offer.

Risk-Free only charges you £3.75 for shipping with the bottle being free to try. This trial will have your 30-day supply delivered directly to your doorstep in a few days.

However, there is one downside to this product. You can only order this trial from the official site. It’s not available anywhere else.

IntenseX Review Conclusion:

While there are various sex boosting products available, these pills look unique & trustworthy. Compared to other products, these pills have natural ingredients which makes it side-effects free.

So, if you want to try sexual health pills like IntenseX Male Enhancement, you may avail the Risk-Free Trial offer.

There are numerous products available as discussed and so is this! Although the product has natural ingredients and no side-effects, online reviews might be a bit confusing.

The readers should know and understand that Risk-Free Trial offers are not free samples. So kindly don’t misunderstand both the product offers.

Coming back to IntenseX, it might be worth trying once at least. And, the small investment in Risk-Free product can help to know if the claims are true or not.

Several user reviews and testimonials are very supportive of this product.

IntenseX is gaining popularity due to its positive effects on users. To experience these positive effects, you need to try this product and notice the changes these natural ingredient pills can give.

Yes, there might be supplements that can help enhance sexual performance and set a healthy sex life; but it is also essential to look at the ingredients that can help give side-effect free results.


Q: What is the daily dosage for this supplement?

A: Two pills every morning with a meal.

Q: What about any side effects?

A: There are no reported side effects of using this pill.

Q: Do you require a doctor’s prescription?

A: You don’t need a prescription to buy or use this supplement.

Q: Can teenagers use this supplement?

A: Children under the age of 18 should not use this pill.

Q: Can I take this before sex for better results?

A: No. You should take it every morning and experience the overall boost in sexual health it provides.

Q: Can I buy IntenseX on Amazon?

A: No. IntenseX Performance Enhancer is currently only available on the manufacturer’s site.

Q: Are IntenseX and Intense X pills the same?

A: Yes, both are same. It’s just the way some people add the extra space before the X.

Q: Is Gary Linekar associated with Intense X?

A: We have reports of Gary Linekar being associated with promotions of this product. However, nothing is yet confirmed.

Q: Was IntenseX featured on Dragon’s Den?

A: Not that we are aware of.

Q: How Do I get the risk free trial of IntenseX in the UK?

A: The only way to get your trial pack is by ordering through the official website here.

Risk Free Trial Of IntenseX Male Enhancement Pills

36 IntenseX Performance Enhancer User Reviews:

  1. This product is really good and side-effect free. I love the way it helps me with erections and longer performance. Tbh, I didn’t expect these pills to work so efficiently. Thanks to the makers of intense x for providing such an effective male enhancing product.

  2. Hi I am Louie and I am 42 and my sexual life was f*cked-up until dragon’s den suggested me to use Intense X. I would like to thank dragon’s den for helping to find a product that has natural ingredients and have no side-effects. Not only these intense x pills helps to improve my performance but also delays my orgasms which helps me to last long.
    Guys out there, you should try this product once!

  3. Thanks for helping my husband with increased energy and frequent erections. I love the way he’s ruling my bed yet again! thanks <3

  4. I first saw IntenseX being advertised on late-night telly as a replacement for the little blue pill. Which I didn’t believe for a second.

    However, after I checked on some other people who were using it themselves, I found that yes, it is possible to get similar benefits.

    That said, this is not an instant hard-on product but one that takes a while to work. In my case, it took 3 weeks to see an improvement in my hard-ons.

  5. These pills enhance mood that boosts sexual desires and performance. The best part is my girlfriend is very happy that I could be longer and harder in the bed. I’d definitely give this product 4.5 stars from 5.

  6. The natural ingredients present in this male booster are effective to give sexual results. I can notice the changes in my performance and sexual stamina. It is improving as well as increasing. Happy to see such results. Thank you so much intensex pills for helping me out.

  7. These pills are very good and effective. It is because of intense x, I can last longer, even in my 40s. I didn’t expect intense x to work so effectively and safely. Worth trying!

  8. These pills are easy to consume and have no side-effects. Thanks to my friend Mikael who introduced me to this product. I’ve improved a lot after starting to use these capsules. Keep it up bros!

  9. Thank you to the manufacturers of IntenseX Performance Enhancer to enhance my husband’s moves and performance. Also thanks to dragon’s den for introducing us to this male booster. I’d suggest all the guys use this product if they desire sexual improvement, energy, performance and orgasm enhancement.

  10. Hey guys, take an old man’s advise, if you think the product is a quick result giving, then no, it doesn’t. However, if you wait to notice results, you’d definitely see it, safely and naturally.
    Definitely for all guys but not for the lower patient ones. Enjoy!!

  11. If anyone looking to delay orgasms for a bit longer, this product can be helpful for you. If you ask me, these pills help me to be in bed longer and harder. Good product to use.

  12. I was suffering from ED (kind off) and I was super stressed for how to fix this. Although, it was not completely ED but I guess the excess stress was affecting my sexual life and erections. So to make things right on my own, I started looking for male enhancement products.
    After comparing various products, I finalized Intensex and started using it. To get things healthily, I started to workout too. And after one month, I started noticing that my erections getting frequent and long-lasting. I am still using this product and I can see results positively. Thank you so much intense x

  13. With Intense X, I experienced:
    – Boost in my sex drive (noticeable to me and my wife)
    – Harder erections (noticeable to me and my wife)
    – More energy during sex (noticeable to me)
    – Better stamina (noticeable to me and my wife)
    In the end, while IntenseX is affordable are relevantly unknown, I still think it’s the better option for a male sex pill.

  14. This one isn’t going to turn you into a sex god….if that is what you were hoping for when you were considering IntenseX.

    While it will turn you into is a better lover that is able to provide his partner with the attention and care that’s needed for a long-lasting and strong relationship.

    That said, don’t expect unrealistic results just because there’s a man with a big schlong and a hot chick on the website. You’ll get better but by how much, you can only know I you give it a try.

  15. I had to wait a long time for ordering IntenseX as I wasn’t sure at first about if this was on Dragons Den. But after my friend told me he saw it himself, I decided to give this sex pill a go.

  16. I am always hesitant about male enhancement pills that are sold online. This is because I’ve been burned by one deal that I got on Amazon. And while I got a refund, I ended up wasting a lot of energy and time in solving the matter.

    When I first heard about IntenseX, I thought it was like the others I had seen previously. Still, I decided to try their product out with their risk-free trial as this was only for a few pounds. I wanted to give a last ditch go at finding a diamond in the rough.

    In the end, after a month of using Intense X, I figured out that not only did it not burn me, it’s worth trying for others as well. I can still remember the feeling of having a truly hard erection. And the feeling it gave while having sex was too blissful for words.

    Overall, Intesex is definitely recommended from me.

  17. If you are looking for instant erections like with the little blue pill, IntenseX is not for you. However, if you want a safe and natural sex pill, get this Intense X. I’ve used it to get harder and more frequent erections, even at 53.

  18. The Intense X Pills I got from Amazon had a different set of ingredients to this one. So, I ended up doing a little digging and found that it was a knock-off.

    Good thing I had checked the ingredients before buying as I got a refund when I returned the unopened box.

    In the end, I came to this site and got the trial offer which sent me a bottle with the right ingredients.

  19. Intense X Pills worked for me. This is a big deal as I’m 50 years old. If these pills can get my pole standing in attention, it should work for everyone else as well.

  20. I’ve heard of one guy who used IntenseX to stay hard for more than three hours. I wanted to see if it did the same for me and so I bought a bottle.

    When I used it, I didn’t stay hard for three hours. But I did get a noticeable harder erection along with a significant boost to my stamina in bed.

    So, in the end, I find that the benefits this pill provides are worth buying.

  21. This might be a lil weird of me commenting here but I couldn’t resist myself to mention the benefits of this product on my husband. I am totally in love with the improvement in my husband’s sexual performance, thanks to intense x. Truly, the box says it true, Increases Stamina, Intense Orgasms and Better Performance. Lots of love and blessings to you guys :* :* :*

  22. I saw these pills on dragon’s den and instantly got for myself. I must say the natural ingredients have good effects on the body as well as on the sexual health. I am just a bit upset with late product delivery but I can forget that for such positive effects.

  23. My friend suggested me to use this product to improve physical energy. He thought I was having poor testosterone levels that affect physical performance. So i had to use them with no expectations as I didnt believe in such pills before. But, after using this product, I had to accept that there are some supplements that can help healthily and give safe results. These intense x pills helped me improve physical and workout performance, I guess it could increase testosterone hormone. Very happy and satisfied to notice such results from intensex.

  24. good product that has no side-effects. Atleast I didnt see any harmful effects on me, so you can expect the same. Although, its just a week for me to use intensex but can feel the rise in energy levels. I don’t know, it might be psychological but definitely have no side-effects.

  25. I started using intensex pills because it had korean ginseng and fenugreek that can enhance sexual health. after using it for a few weeks I noticed frequent erections that helped me last longer with an intense climax. My girlfriend is very happy to see the improvement in my sexual performance. Although there are fewer complaints now, I hope these pills help me with no complaints and complete satisfaction. Thanks intensex for helping me out.

  26. To get a prescription for a male enhancement pill from the pharmacy, I was told to talk to a doctor first. But I was not interested in talking to my doctor about something like this. So, I when online and bought a trial bottle for IntenseX. The package arrived within a few days and I’ve been using it now for four weeks. In this time, I have noticed a boost in libido as well as harder erections. That said, I have not noticed any improvement in penis size. But, comparing the benefits to the disadvantages, this is worth buying over prescription meds.

  27. Before buying IntenseX, I was cautioned about products online to give attractive trial deals but are in fact scams. I still went ahead and bought this pill because my friend had already tried them out with a good review. He said that it takes a few weeks to see the primary benefits like higher energy levels, better libido, and improved mood. Some of the secondary benefits like better erections and longer-lasting sex come after a few months of use. And as I am using it, Jack’s assessment seems to be spot on.

  28. A few weeks of using IntenseX and I was like a young stallion in the bedroom. It’s not that exaggerated but the pills do work. And they do help improve sexual performance. This is especially true for men like me who are over 50.

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